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Rubber Wood Timber/Blank


rubber wood

scientific name

hevea brasiliensis

wood description

this wood is the waste of rubber latex and used only after proper treatment and seasoning. Uniform light cream color, heartwood and sapwood are not distinguished, straight grains


700-750 kg/m3

machining properties

moderate in machining, tct cutters are recommended


staining very easy due to uniform light colour, suitable for lacquering, painting and melamine finish

drying & treatment

kiln dry to 10% minimum or more as per requirement, boric acid treatment is must

common uses

it is ideally suited for making high quality furniture, folding furniture, penal door & windows, joinery work, toys, cots, kitchen cabinets, school furniture, wooden trolleys, rocking chairs, parquet flooring, wall panelling, mouldings etc.

additional information

it is the waste product of the rubber tree grown for the purpose of getting rubber latex. Till 20 years back it was used only as fire wood. However it was found that this timber has good qualities to be used for furniture and interior provided it is pressure treated against termite and borer attack and properly kiln dried, it the most economic and eco friendly wood